Survey from PROPAGANDA (23.02.24 l.t.)

We’ve invited the music community (artists, journalists, label managers, simply listeners) to participate in a survey with the topic "War in Ukraine". Three variants, three points of view. All answers are published in the form they were received (without editing) and in the order of receipt.
If you are reading this material and also want to express your opinion, write us about your position at Please provide your name, age and your occupation in the musical environment, so that others could see that these are the answers of a real person.
We do not accept replies from so called russia and belarus.

1. I support Ukraine because... (9 votes)

2. I support so-called russia because... (0 votes)

3. I don't have a certained position on this, all that interests me are my social networks are. / or your own answer option. (0 votes)

  • "1. I support Ukraine because it was an unjustified act of aggression by Russia"

(- Armando Pereira – 54 yo – Owner of Marquee Records Brazil)

  • "1. I support Ukraine because... I believe every country and more importantly every individual deserves Freedom and to live under their own way of choice. UKR deserve its independence !!!"

(Odin T. Label Manager / Moribund Records)

  • "Greetings,

1. I support Ukraine because Ukraine should be free and independent; I support the self-determination, autonomy, and pursuit of destiny for all ethnic groups and from what I can see the Ukrainians at least consider themselves a separate ethnic group from the Russians.

I think Russia gets a bad rap for being allied with China and invading Ukraine, but there are probably economic, social, and political reasons for this instability and I think instead of demonizing them we should look into the roots of these problems to see if there is a solution.

As a conservative, I get a lot of pushback on these views but I think both conservatives and liberals can agree on Ukraine having its freedom and Russians being treated like human beings with real concerns before we start the Putin=Hitler jive.

Good survey, thanks for sending, HAIL SATAN!


PROPAGANDA note: Brett Stevens, editor of, author of book "Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity"

  • "I support Ukraine because they totally have the right and the choice to be free and independent.

For a long time I wasn't personally pleased with the situation in Ukraine because the widespread of Christianity, Judaism, the Jewish president (Zelenskyy), Nazi groups, prostitution, feminist and LGBT propaganda and such degeneracy.. But that definitely by all means doesn't justify any wars on Ukraine and it's civilians.

Russian army has catered to almost all sorts of cowardly methods, barraging cities and killing women and children which is not really an achievement, they don't know the meaning of true strength and bravery and go for commiting dishonorable crimes as their first choice instead. Putin is just doing the same war crimes USA/Israel do all the time, and it was cringe hearing him say in a recent interview that his goal is the "de-nazification of Ukraine" when both him and his soldiers are totally mimicking Nazi behaviour. Therefore they'll never have my support!.

I'm glad I know a few Ukrainians who I can hear from about the situation (including you of course), other than just listening to the media, and again I believe, like any fair and sane person that Ukrainians have the absolute right to exist independently and the right to fight back, and I'm sure you'll emerge victorious eventually."

(Ahmed S. - 30 years old - Simply a listener from Middle East)

  • "I support Ukraine because it is fighting a war for freedom not only for themselves but for the whole world against the sadistic dictatorship and worldwide threat named russia."

Martyr Lucifer (vocalist in Hortus Animae, Martyr Lucifer and Ravnkald and handyman at BlackHeavens Music)

  • "1. I support Ukraine because I have Ukrainian ancestry, I believe in democracy and freedom, I believe in the spirit of the people of Ukraine, Putin is a murderer and fascist oligarch trying to recreate the soviet union.

The people of Ukraine are brave, resilient, and resourceful, and protecting the world from fascism currently.
Slava Ukraini, Heroyam Slava.

James Benson of the band Amiensus

(James Benson of the band Amiensus (Minnesota, USA). 32 years old.)

  • "I support Ukraine because it is my home, my land, my life. And I hate russian scum.

порубанной волей
повешенной долей
валялись обломки колёс
великое сдачей
и вечность в придачу
согреет ли голого пояс?
нет большего горя
тащить мёртвых с поля
женщинам, старикам
лекарство от жизни
крысы погрызли
всё остальное - хлам


(Kaswarh; 36 yo; molodshyi serzhant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; frontman/owner/ founder of Lugburz Sleed, COSP Production and ect.; Father.)

  • PROPAGANDA survey: results.

A month ago we launched this survey, which was sent to hundreds of music activists around the world. We didn't use social garbage networks, just email sendings.
The common result of the number of received answers (only 7) could be called shame, because it's a top of passivity, cowardice, irresponsibility and lack of own opinion.
This shows that musical community consists not from people with especial mission and progressive ideas, but as usual people, weak and passive, whose survival instinct is driven only by taking care of their own asses.

However, the history is made by active and courageous people, primarily they make history with their actions. And we honor everyone who helps Ukraine with their actions. Because today it is the only important existential thing for the entire civilized world.

This morning (22.03.24 l.t.), the concentration camp called russia attacked Ukraine with 63 shaheds and 88 missiles of various types. But while russian missiles are not destroying other European countries, most of the inhabitants of these countries will remain an amorphous mass, considering this war “just politics”. "Menschliches, Allzumenschliches".

In 3 weeks after the survey page was published, there have been 314 hits to this page.

+ some reaction after publication survey results

  • "I support Ukraine because I do not believe that the use of violence can solve what dialogue and negotiation, no matter how complicated they may be, can achieve in a stable and, above all, lasting way.

Each person, as an individual and as part of a community, has the right to decide freely and without threats or coercion, their future and that of the place they live in. Any use of violence against the above, to any degree, is unacceptable."

Nocturno (46 years old, from Galician lands, owner of Nigra Mors and member of Negro Círculo Minhoto bands)

"And portions of shame. Simply compare this with opinions above.
No one of these three bodies has stated his clear position regarding Ukraine, so their opinions are not the part of survey. We have posted this because we consider that everyone is entitled to own opinion, that’s why we publish all reactions as a custom of the civilized world.

"I Support noone and i Will not answer to the questions.
Is stupid.
Put your name on It and maybe i give you some respect.
If not FUCK OFF !"

(this body from France, simply pathetic idiot)

"People already know that this is a war supported by the US and they do not want to participate in it."

(this body is from Poland. It is always funny to see how people who wear american jeans, visit macdonalds or dream about american car, at the same time loudly cry about how they hate USA, capitalism etc. And it is always funny when someone expresses his opinion as opinion of many people or even of the whole country. This body just repeats moscow manuals).

""We have no interest in anti-Russian propaganda. We have customers all over the world. From Ukraine and also from Russia.
Stop the cooperation with USrael! Don't join Nato and don't join the EU and there will be peace!
Stop your Jews in the government!"

(this body is from Germany: a typical fascist with moscow TV instead of a brain).

At this moment (28.03.24 l.t.) there are 457 hits to this page.

  • "I also want to tell you that I, as an American, 110% support Ukraine in defending itself from Putin's evil hordes.

I also want to tell you that I, as an American, 110% support Ukraine in defending itself from Putin's evil hordes. They can all go to Hell and will eventually. I just wish someone there in Russia would kill Putin. Some of his actions remind me of Hitler. By the way, in my front yard I have three flagpoles with the United States flag, the Ukraine flag, and the Israel flag showing my support of all three nations. The United States is having the same type of problem here with the Democrat Party which in reality is the Socialist Party even though the sons-of-bitches won't admit it. About six months ago, one of "them" told me that should remove the Ukraine and Israel flags because it insulted him. Yes, the socialists are here in and in Congress. I think this country should have a civil war to rid itself of these anti-Americans. Just like the Ukraine, you are fighting to survive and not become a part of Russia. And we true Americans are beginning to fight to defeat the Socialists here. Even though I am halfway around the world, I think of the suffering that the Ukrainian people and the Israeli people have to deal with. But I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of the Russian atrocities bing committed on the Ukraine. May God damn Putin and the evil Russians to Hell. Stay safe and take care."

Dan Irwin (Maryville, Tennessee, United States)