War in Ukraine

Art is the only reason to live.
Hard times won't change us.
Our first flags. Our essence.

"Death to enemies!" | "Ashangel" | "Pentagram: Blood of blood" | "Fate" | "Always resist!" | "Pentagram: Perfection of dawn"
Flags from PROPAGANDA (Ukraine)

Everything that will be already is.
From small invisible to great blinding.
The path to the inaccessible through the Will and Intellect:

Statuette "Exsisto" for your safe zone
Statuette Exsisto

To the bones, to the blood, raise your horns from the heart:

Statuette "Horns Up!" for your Metal altar
Statuette 'Horns Up!'

Different dimensions, one inflexibility:

Two more shards from the wounded Mykolaiv,
the city that is a shield for the South of Ukraine.
Being under the daily shellings and not having a basic access to drinking water
we Proudly present two new releases.

Pendant "My Way" | Pendant "Death to enemies!"

Resist now, resist always:

"Death to enemies!" TS is available
Death to enemies! ts

Look for it in the Shadows:

SATANIC CORPSE "Belial" digipack sleeve cd
special edition | regular edition



Burning ash:

We are Shadows that change the future.
We're Angels outside the list.
Again we're marching in silence...
We are Darkness in Darkness.
LUCIFUGUM 'Anaphora lithu actinism' digipack sleeve cd

Still bleed:

LUCIFUGUM 'Anaphora lithu actinism' pro tape
LUCIFUGUM 'Horned and ablaze' metal pin
'SAVE YOUR MIND' TS | LUCIFUGUM 'Instinct Prevelance' patch
LUCIFUGUM 'On hooks to pieces!' ts/girly
LUCIFUGUM 'Tri nity limb ritual' ts/girly
Embroidered patches
LUCIFUGUM 'Tri nity limb ritual' digipack sleeve cd
Pendant 'Lucispear'