LUCIFUGUM news (09.06.24 l.t., 837th day of war)

Hard times will not change us. LUCIFUGUM is working on two new songs. The work continues even under rocket shellings.

On April 11, 2024 l.t., when we were recording the guitar parts, our city Mykolaiv was attacked by a ballistic missile.
As a result of the attack, 5 people died and 5 were injured. For a very long time (many months), every night, russia is attacking the territory of Ukraine with shaheds. On May 21, 2024, when we were recording vocal parts, 10 shaheds were shot down over our region (Mykolaiv) at night.

Slowly, but the work continues.
Stabaath has returned with vocals. She was able to do it after a very serious throat problem. And she returns with even more poison, with even more power.
The record will be called "Adanom" and will contain an intro and 2 songs (one - in Ukrainian - "Смола у крові нашій", and one - in English - "Lucispear").
We don’t know when everything will be ready, because now there are very big problems with electricity throughout Ukraine. For example, on June 5 and 6, there was only 4 hours with electricity throughout the day.
But when it happens, we will release it on tape. Perhaps, we'll try to release it also on 7’ep, if we're financially able.

Traditionally, PROPAGANDA publishes its releases exclusively on physical formats. And we are proud of it.

We also remind you that LUCIFUGUM t-shirts printed by dark horizon records (USA) are illegal. The mentioned label did not contact us with an offer, and we did not give the permission to print any LUCIFUGUM t-shirts.

And also about the experience of unsuccessful cooperation. For a long time we've heard nothing from GoatowaRex, who was supposed to be responsible for releasing 5 LUCIFUGUM albums on vinyl.
We're not vinyl fans, and this doesn't really sadden us, but there are those who are really interested in these releases. Sorry, Demons, it's beyond our control and that's why we're not accepting the pre-orders.

See you on this side or in silence.

Art is the only reason to live. And now we are fighting for our Art.