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LUCIFUGUM "Vector33" tape

LUCIFUGUM "Vector33"

LUCIFUGUM "Vector33"

Decade of blasphemy, desecration, frenetic scorn and bestial hatred. THE FACE OF THE PERFECT EVIL is already visible.

25.12.04 l.t. A Poisonous shoot into the sheepy christi-mass #1! LUCIFUGUM declarates the title of the future Ulcer: "Vector33" - neverending scorn to life, to holy shit and to human's existence.

Not for humans but only for those who is really able to breathe by Darkness. Only for dedicated who understand the real essence of Black Metal as Diabolical Art

"It is our tenth Poison preparing into your throat when you enjoyed the spring flavours. We don't "hope" that this year will be the last for you and for this sheep planet, we will spit out the Black Ulcer not for something certain, but because it is in our Blood. We soberly understand that our life is too short to reach any triumph, but it doesn't do us weaker. We will not stop while we breathe, because to stop it means to become the humans. LUCIFUGUM never was and never will be the member of any human fronts or movements. LUCIFUGUM always was and always will be the separate and independent formation. We are not the race redeemers, our Black Poison will envenom the all without exception"

Definition: Grandiose Antihuman Poisoned Black Metal
Country: Ukraine
Year: 28.04.05 l.t.
Format: tape with 6 pages booklet and two-sided stickers, lim. to 999 nails, h/n
Total time: 44:24

Track list:
1. Силой слепого сечения /07:40/
2. Брезги плебсожизни /08:00/
3. Кистью червистрайсти /07:30/
4. Молитвонь /07:39/
5. Проклятье чёрного начала /06:59/
6. Black Metal must be...!!! /06:34/