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LUCIFUGUM "Sectane Satani" tape

LUCIFUGUM "Sectane Satani"

LUCIFUGUM "Sectane Satani"

The most hated band in kindergroud and among venal whore mass media.

"This is our 13th Poison. Though apostles are already fed by his flesh and lie lifeless, we continue the devastating procession. As Unhumans we're full of Devilish Pride and primitive human stereotypes can't stop us. But as humans we're weak to splash out all infinity of our internal Abyss through our Art. Our Black souls don't need a self-investigation or a search of something new inside and around themselves, since their fundamental fanatism is always constant. While the majority of groups try to reach a popularity, we leave far and far away from the human slag: no gigs or metal parties, no "official" web page, no chatter at forums, no hobby side-projects. Simply musicians with usual human aspirations will never touch the Supreme Light of Apostate, because they feel comfortable with the light of peace and tranquility.
The majority of those who will get this release understand that they're not able to accept it. But just few ones will dare to admit this.
Anyway this Egregor will continue to lynch not depending on your support or hate."

Definition: Satanic Black Metal Authentism
Country: Ukraine
Year: 23.10.07 l.t.
Format: tape with 8 pages booklet and two-sided stickers, lim. to 666
Total time: 42:13

Track list:
1. Параличем душесвойств /06:35/
2. О богос ужении /07:04/
3. Кремация смысла /07:09/
4. Зыблема и потопима /07:23/
5. Швы христишья /06:44/
6. Breath of His Will /07:13/

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