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LUCIFUGUM "Acme Adeptum" tape

LUCIFUGUM "Acme Adeptum"

LUCIFUGUM "Acme Adeptum"

Tyrants are on march again! Incessant Terror during 13 years without the "artistic pauses", "mysterious silence" and other tricks. One of the very few bands who follow the exclusively own Path. In the vein of Evil only. No human influences. Just domination of a psychical negativity and pathologically solitary essence. 7 tracks-nooses on the neck of the light of life. The real face of the Supreme Evil Art.

Anti-selling points:
- no one promo has been sent, the band/label don't need the venal opinion of the whore-mass media.
Just flyers and mp3 samples available. Surely, dedicated ones know what to expect.
- the band is not into live performances and doesn't have the official site and myspace page.

Definition: Satanic Black Metal Authentism
Country: Ukraine
Year: 13.10.08 l.t.
Format: tape with 8 pages booklet and two-sided stickers, lim. to 666
Total time: 41:07

Track list:
1. тризна-хула /06:38/
2. последущееизначалье /05:52/
3. фундаменталистика /04:39/
4. пообразу /06:14/
5. комфортутоптанноймогилы /05:37/
6. моймирдляоставшихся /06:04/
7. прерогатива /06:01/

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