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BLACK ALTAR "Death Fanaticism" tape

BLACK ALTAR "Death Fanaticism"

BLACK ALTAR "Death Fanaticism"

Let's praise the nothingness...

You will not have to choose between the white and black.
Your fate is already crushed in the cocoon of time.
You will waste all your life on tearing this web.

Definition: Horror Black Metal
Country: Poland/England
Year: 03.07.09 l.t.
Format: tape with 8 pages booklet and two-sided stickers, lim. to 666 shrouds, h/n
Total time: 52:50

Track list:
1. The Antihuman Manifesto /06:21/
2. The Dark is coming /05:04/
3. Decomposition ov Life /04:19/
4. Gate to Immortality /02:10/
5. Path ov Death /06:04/
6. The Void /05:39/
7. Widmo Smierci /05:18/
8. Kingdom ov Razors /04:11/
9. Death Fanaticism /13:39/

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