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ARMAGGEDON "Ave Satan" tape



With Diabolic pleasure we fuck your soul with tape version of ARMAGGEDON "Ave Satan". Raw Black Metal which you'll hear in your grave. So the rats still have the time to run away. The rest ones must get it.

Definition: Raw Antihuman Black Metal
Country: France
Year: 04.02.07 l.t. (not available from 29.04.07 l.t.)
Format: tape with 6 pages booklet and two-sided stickers, h/n, lim. to 250 Semens
Total time: 42:10

Track list:
1. Ave Satan /03:27/
2. Black Goat Sodomizer /03:39/
3. The Last Attempt Before Suicide /04:08/
4. Worship The Goat /07:24/
5. Holocaust [Jeovah's Zyklon-B Overdose] /04:16/
6. Join Us In Blasphemy /02:13/
7. Smashing Placenta Of The Virgin Womb /03:10/
8. Crush The Trends /04:19/
9. The Omen [Sexual Rites] /09:32/
+ hidden "ghost song" special for this edition