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GROMM "Sacrilegium" tape

GROMM "Sacrilegium"

GROMM "Sacrilegium"

Now the light is just for finding the alive ones. But they are ready to prolong your life... Enjoy and count the steps to your own scaffold.

Misanthropic Black Metal which breaks all seals of the essence, overturning your understanding of own existence into the abyss of nihilism.

Definition: Morbid Misanthropic Black Metal
Country: Ukraine
Year: 10.04.08 l.t.
Format: tape with 6 pages booklet and two-sided stickers, lim. to 666 cups of eucharist, h/n
Total time: 41:50

Track list:
1. Покойся в Огне /07:05/
2. Обречённый На Жизнь /03:55/
3. Свинец Благодати /05:53/
4. Руины Живого /02:52/
5. Шрапнель Нигилизма /06:11/
6. Я - Твой Эшафот I /04:01/
7. Я - Твой Эшафот II /06:05/
8. Из Грязи - В Мразь /05:46/

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