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LUCIFUGUM "Od Omut Serpenti" digipack sleeve cd

LUCIFUGUM "Od Omut Serpenti" digipack sleeve cd
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Price: 8.00€

Definition: Satanic Black Metal Authentism
Country: Ukraine
Year: 29.03.12 l.t.
Format: 3 panel digipack sleeve CD in slip-cover with 12 pages booklet, lim. to 1099
Total time: 40:02

Prepare your throats, prepare your souls! Tyrants are on march again!

After the dramatic video session the band didn't stop and now is ready to spray the new portion of Poison. 40 min. of a spiritual aesthetic asphyxia in Authentic Satanic Black Metal form. Not everyone will reach the bottom... But those who deserve will be tortured by six songs-hydras.
Be prepared for Regeneration!

- first 499 copies come with sticker (10x10 cm)
- traditionally encoded lyrics
- each song has an exclusive picture (not internet wall-papers)
- two traditional entwined serpentine guitars which never repeat each other
- absolutely frantic voice, don't try to repeat if you're taking care of your guts
- 4000 flyers and 0 promos
- a finger of Fate - the total weight of release casually turned out 69 g

Track list:
1. истекающее к остаткам /06:19/
2. щелочь антинатализма /05:56/
3. основы кровосмещения /06:16/
4. пламя короны /07:12/
5. прибывшим в убытие /07:27/
6. проявление силы /06:50/

LUCIFUGUM "Od Omut Serpenti" digipack sleeve cd
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