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Compil. tape "In Memory Of Dead And Euronymous"

Compil. tape "In Memory Of Dead And Euronymous"
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Price: 4.00€

Definition: Black Metal
Country: Poland/USA/Czech rep.
Label: Hail Satan 666 prod.
Year: 2007 l.t.
Format: tape, b/w pro cover + both sided stickers, lim. to 666
Total time: 50:47

Track list:
1. Ancient Steel
2. Funeral Fog (Mayhem)
3. Brotherhood of Black Alliance
4. Ghoul (Mayhem)
5. Krwawe Laznie
6. My Dark Subconscious (Morbid)
7. When the Red in the Sky
8. The Freezing Moon (Mayhem)
9. Lodowate Imperium Zmarlych
10. Miazdzaca Smiers - Deathcrush (Mayhem)
11. Cas Posledniho Soudu
12. Chainsaw Gutsfuck (Mayhem)

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