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THY FLESH CONSUMED "Pacified by Oceans of Blood" cd

THY FLESH CONSUMED "Pacified by Oceans of Blood" cd
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Definition: Brutal Death-Black Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Civilian Death Network rec.
Year: 2006 l.t.
Format: CD
Total time: 39:29

Track list:
Engaging The Shores of Self-Destruction
Kneel Before No One
Slash Upon God's Throat
A Pyre To Cast The Body of Mankind
The Archetype of All Religions Defiled
The Relinquishment of Tyranny To Impose Genocide
Deaden The Silence of Peace
Forged In Torture
Definitive Hypocrisy Rising
Triumphant Flawless Crucifixion
Vengeful Symbiosis
Effortless Is Man's Defeat

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