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INTHYFLESH "Lechery Maledictions..." cd

INTHYFLESH "Lechery Maledictions..." cd
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Title: "Lechery Maledictions and grieving adjures to the concerns of flesh"
Definition: Raw Black Metal
Country: Portugal
Label: Nykta
Year: 2007 l.t. 
Format: CD
Total time: 49:21

Track list:
1. Herein, Suffer
2. Whore Without Eyes
3. The Plague Ov Beauty
4. Siren
5. Righteous Servitude
6. Dockögon Små Mot Persiennerna De Grå
7. Sibilant Death-knell
8. Red Madness
9. Wicked Mother Fornicatio
10. Funeral Lecher

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