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Compil. cd "Devil's Grave Compilation I"

Compil. cd "Devil's Grave Compilation I"
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Band: various
Title: "Devil's Grave Compilation I"
Definition: Heavy/Thrash/Doom/Death/Black Metal
Country: various
Label: From The Grave prod./Devil's Poison prod.
Year: 2011 l.t.
Format: compil. CD (incl. 16 pages booklet)
Total time: 59:39

Track list:
1. METAL KING (Colombia) "Hymn To The Gods Of Chaos" (Intro)
2. METAL KING (Colombia)"Chronicle Of An Announced Death"
3. BATTLERAGE (Chile) "Death And Blood"
4. PROFANER (Peru) "Postmortal Matricide"
5. COBRA (Peru) "Blessed By Beer"
6. PROCESSION (Chile) "Raven Of Disease"
7. AFTER DEATH (USA) "Lord Of The Black Path"
8. GRAVEYARD (Spain) "Wormfeast"
9. NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Greece) "Screams From The Tomb"
10. BLACK OATH (Italy) "Black Initiation"
11. SACRIFICIAL DAGGER (Finland) "Sepulchral Maledictions"
12. SCYTHIAN (UK) "Pray To War"
13. UNCONSECRATED (Spain) "Slave To The Grave"

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