LUCIFUGUM interview for SMAGP 666 War-Metal zine (Serbia)
(May 2006 l.t.)


  • Lucifugum recently unleashed darkness and death in form of "The Supreme Art of Genocide", It will be great that creator of this album affronts us with his own words about his art, can you compare me "The Supreme Art of Genocide" with your previous opus…………….?

    For what to tell about the recipes of preparation of Poison if this Poison already envenoms in full force? An aesthetics of Black vomit does not assume that sewage still remains inside you: each exhalation is a burning self-devastation . To inhale again you should give everything, you should be almost dead. Creation of music and lyrics is a stressful pit, having got out from which you again throw self into the chasm. And there is no sense to carry with self ashes of the last fever. The human has cognized all own "grandeur" somewhere among heavens where he suffocated from impossibility to breathe. From such height the own cemetery is hardly visible. "Vector33" is a reliable hook in the human's throat to cognize everything completely, casually not having broken loose. "The Supreme Art of Genocide" is more harsh and violent continuation of Poison "Vector33" which has blinded humans by own Grandeur. The Beautiful Face of the Perfect Evil has found its true outlines, now even more not clear in the Black Light.

  • How much are you satisfied with album, with his sound, production etc…………….?

No, we'll not do the clown's statements that quality, sound and etc. is not important to us. The shitty quality of the recording is an example of artist's disrespect to self and to the Art, but this is not the attribute of the true Underground Spirit. Black Metal will not become really mass even if it sounds convincingly. Badly executed and badly recorded material will be interesting only to fetish-collectors of all so-called rare. But actually it will not be the Weapon.
Yes, we are more than satisfied by our Creation. Otherwise it could not be edited.

  • Even album is recently released, I read some very good reviews on your web-site, did you maybe received some negative reaction recently………..?

Each review first of all characterizes the level of the author's competence. Anyhow, this is just the opinion of separately taken human which earns money or reputation on it. Being outside the dominating positivism of so-called scene, we are that inconvenient bone on which well greased guts of the others will stumble upon. Our natural arrogance is offensive for those many who understand this scene as club of common interests. We are categorically averse to things that are generally accepted in "scene": toadyism, useful friendship/friendship on prospect/friendship "just in case". Negative reviews can be caused by the personal hostility to us as to Antihuman Black Metal formation. Of course, no one author will recognize it, but the quantity of absolutely different reviews testifies that just a position of the band declaring "we don't play, we attack" is capable to define the sleek-haired sheep who have got accustomed that everyone in Black Metal inherits someone. When Stabaath recorded the guitar and bass on "Vector33", her guitar experience was just 7 months. The album turned out really charismatic, not clear for the masses. Reaction of press: "well-executed Black Metal as it normally for group with such experience of existence"... What else can I say in this case?... Besides, today's Black Metal musically mutated into some rollicking form of gay punk riffs which are more comprehensible to masses. And "Vector33", and "The Supreme Art of Genocide" are the absolute specimens of really gloomy, viscous in its hopelessness Black Art. This Lava mesmerizes the listener, forcing to burn by not a touch, but immersion. Or it will spit you out and, being in slime and feeling human discomfort, you will try to spit into the mouth of Dragon.

  • I mentioned above that few reviews are placed on your web-site, During I read review from Metal Storm one thing confused me. Mentioned web-zine wrote review for" The Supreme Art of Genocide" after they received promo, but as I know Lucifugum wrote before`` ``without promos``( on and the Wheel keeps crunching...2005 ) and ``If you want promo-look for it in church``( on Vector 33``)…Why you changed your mind about promos…? Will you further and deepen promote Lucifugum art in future………….?

Everything is honestly, without cheap provocations: once it was possible to receive a freebie named promo, only having risen in turn among the beggars of any local church. Naturally, such behaviour was one more insult for many magazines whose editors consider themselves very important persons in "scene". I don't want to grumble about something like "in early times…" but so called internet zines are not soiled even in a dust of that Spirit by which have been sated the paper Underground editions that really had the own face. In their majority internet editions are the simply some spaces filled with certain fresh information by those who listen to "all spectrum of metal". Is it possible to seriously perceive the edition where the next student writing reviews will define as "primitive Black Metal " the complicated harmonious structure of guitar riffs only because he didn't hear the acoustic guitar? That's why, sending promos we don't wait for any deep revelations from those whose activity depends on the promo's quantity. We perceive the internet editions only as operative informative channels, nothing more, as it known we give interviews only for the paper press - we doubt that such position can be called a "serious promotion". Everything's as always: we do what we consider right for ourselves, with responsibility only before selves.

  • This questions really interest me………..All lyrics on of "The Supreme Art of Genocide" are written on Russian language, so most of listeners outside of that are deprived about their meaning. Can you deepen introduce us with poem contains…? Are they have a concept……..?

The lyrics are the Condition, not a a mere verbiage of the certain subjects. There is no necessity to insult this Condition by retellings for those who are not against to know "what about LUCIFUGUM sings there". Scarcely there will be useful a dictionary for the one who will really want to understand all. Possibly, it can be named the concept in that meaning that I'm not in a search of new ideas, and a stream of vomiting sewages is always homogeneous.

  • How much lyrics are important for Lucifugum…... Are poems having same importance as music for you…..? How much time do you need to write poems..?
    Will you write in future all lyrics on Russian language or you will create some on English too (like you did in past)…?

Lyrics and music are important at the same extent, this is a condition of coma, from which you get out only having reached wearisome and Absolute. The writing is not an easy pastime, and if it is necessary to correlate it with any measurements - the emotions are much more important instead of spent time.
Definitely, that in its majority the lyrics will be in Russian.

  • Together with audio record, we can find a pro-done video clip, I didn't have a chance to watch it ,so can you write me more about them…I suppose as you are main member of band that you create video-clip… how he look like……..? Where he was recorded……..? What is deepening meaning and message of video………? How much time did you spent on recording………?

There is no sense to retell the content of the video, who will really need it - can not simply watch but see the absolute Black Metal understanding caused by internal religious fanatism. There is no naked whores there, whose view should excite not strong bodies of teenagers. Usual Satanic video, really not for everyone.

  • To amplify previous question, also you did a video clip on "Sociopath: philosophy cynicism" but due to few reason I seen some segments of video-clip. Together with video going statement`` pro video full of sarcasm, allegory and grotesque, not for defective herd "thinkers``Can you tell me more about that video….? Also will you record a new video, maybe some DVD of ritual live performance……………?

You again give us the "opportunity" somehow to advertise ourselves, but is it really not that case when the Creation, living as a separate organism, does not need the additional comments?
There are no any plans for the future as for visual embodiments.

  • Video is taken from ritual live "Avelista-III" 1996 l.t. From that statement I assumed that Lucifugum is live band, how…….your live ritual action looks like…….? Any chance to spread your hell in Serbia if someone provides you good conditions….?

So-called concert activity we stopped in 2000 l.t. The last performance was spent in building near the biggest church in Zhitomir. Rats from the local press specially bought the tickets on this concert to frighten the readers then by photos with guts reeled up on the inverted cross. The human skull has been stolen directly from the scene: the real skull, not the shop's ashtray. I did the most part of organizational work by myself and exclusively for own means, a result - nervous derangements and poverty. Certainly, not these or similar life's difficulties were the reason that I have decided to stop live attacks. I never felt a desire "to appear on the scene" and to feel this notorious atmosphere of the dialogue with public. Any kind of communication irritated me, now all is finished. Though recently we again received some offers "to perform", but anything such will not happen.

  • Lucifugum is 2 members band and you have 1 session member Yuri, do you recruit some others session members for live ritual, if you do who are they……..?

Perhaps, this question can be passed.

  • Stigma Egoism" is last album where Bal-a-Myth for last time spreaded great atmosphere of dying light of his life. What changed inside of Lucifugum after he joins other side and what remain same…………..?

As a matter of fact nothing has changed, no revelations from That side which could predetermine the future of the band. The last track on " Stigma Egoism" - "more than life" is grotesque, false execution of jewish "seven-forty" passing into ideally executed "Funeral March". Nobody knows what will sound at his funeral, but often simply coincidence of circumstances will be perceived by many as a breath of Destiny. Only retinue knew about Bal-a-Myth's death, though worms have spread this new everywhere, and as it normally for the worms, greedy for any sorts of scandals and sensations - the interest to the past of a band has sharply increased.

  • Beside Bal-a-Myth( who died )I noticed that several members is not more involved with Lucifugum .I want to ask you why Faunus left a band…..? Also why Lucifugum do not cooperating with Knjaz Varggoth and Saturious any more……….?

I don't know the real reasons which have induced Faunus to leave the band. I doubt that it were really serious reasons, otherwise I would be informed since LUCIFUGUM always was a one fang. For me Faunus has remained the coward, leaving the band in hard times without motivation. We have stopped cooperation with Nokturnal mortum because they became the defenders of light actually. They don't deny this, and already a long time ago they have refused from the defining term "Black Metal".

  • What is your opinion about The Pagan Front and their declarations…….? Are you still in contact with Knjaz Varggoth….?

Mentioned above "front" is a sheep-fold existing just on papers of their releases and in their sheepy imagination. Any sheep which is able to bleat "sieg hail" or any who sympathize so-called paganism can join this sheep-fold. Their "views" have nothing common with Black Metal at all. So-called Black Metal scene has made an inexcusable mistake, having allowed sheepy "national-socialism" to be also named Âlack Ěetal. Majority of these rams pretend that they believe that ns "ideology" propagandizes violence, cruelty and total destruction. Actually all these so-called cruelty of times of the third reich were made by humans just because of fear for own lives. Cowardly denunciations were their main weapon. These "true aryans" were afraid of each other more than jews were afraid of them. In today's life-styled "white scene" demagogy continues to remain the main way of rinse of brains.

  • ``Black Metal must be`` is title of song which interest me….For me Black Metal must be Evilness,Darkness, Misanthropic,Terror,Violence,Negative art, Death etc which I breathing 24 h on day from first moment of My existence…What BM must be for you………?

Black Metal must be Black. Regrettably that today exists a sharp necessity to harshly remind this to humans manipulating concepts under their unstable understanding. To remind not to "bring to reason" but to isolate ourselves from this stench.

  • Dark Horizon, Black Metal COM, Ancient Nations etc released Lucifugum albums…in past, Why did you changed so many labels….? Did they had a problem with Lucifugum ideology and attitude or something else is in question……..?

dark horizon edited just a one album, then five years of promises to print vinyl "Instinct Prevelance", concealment of the results of spreading and illegal re-printing of this album - is it really not enough to ignore such label? Besides, during the last contact the owner of dark horizon has showed himself as banal lying coward. ancient nation to which in due time I simply entrusted to print the tape covers looks like a casual spot in this list. He doesn't deserve a special mention. BlackMetal. Com honestly do their business and we continue the collaboration. The whole, change of labels is caused by that we are as enough prolific and obviously arrogant band, want that our Creations as small as possible were exposed to the general rules of so-called market. Not everyone will dare to record and edit albums with such frequency as it is done by us. The majority of artists will prefer to wait any time, and then many listeners will be ready to believe that this album is precisely a result of careful, massive work.

  • Can you write me more about several strifeing between you and Noctu (Drakkar)...You called him a pig and jew,and Noctu called Lucifugum worthless band, and you worthless person….but I knew that you cooperated tightly with Noctu in past. Why that war started between ex-allies ……………?

    In due time drakkar himself offered me to edit "Stigma Egoism" since by his own words it was a big honour for him to attach to the label's roots such group as LUCIFUGUM. I have accepted the invitation because from several offers at that time it was the best concerning the terms of album's edition. From my side I have suggested to do without signing of the contract, only the word of honour from the both sides. In the further the situation is similar to history with dark horizon (it is remarkable that now exactly two these moral bastards in one gay's voice try to slander us): a great delay with cd edition and simply ignoration of the stipulated obligations. Shit stinks stronger when you touch it. Of course, this is not a war, the situation is very typical for the perverted scene where labels aspire to be owners of groups though actually they should work for the artists. Now drakkar has openly shown that such concepts as decency and a man's word are unknown or not interesting to him, though hardly it will be the warning for those others who are ready for compromises. We don't wish to pay more attention to this topic, those for whom all this shit is interesting can plunge into chapter "humans" on PROPAGANDA's site.

  • Now you released on your own label ``Propaganda``, so far you have a tape and CD format. Will you release a vinyl too..? Will you in future released Lucifugum through Propaganda or you will find some other label……..?

    We want to control the spreading of own Poison by ourselves and we'll do all possible to keep this situation constant. Already after edition of "The Supreme Art of Genocide" Baphomet Rec. (USA) suggested a deal to us, but we have refused from their offer even not asking about their conditions. Vinyl's edition is enough expensive, besides we don't feel any special respect to this format which in its majority is just a collection prestigious thing on which merchants from Underground try to speculate.

  • Can you tell us more info about Propaganda rec…….? Will you released more bands under your banner………?

    PROPAGANDA's activity is oriented on the edition and spreading of Black Metal in its single right view - absolutely Black. We are very selective in the choice of the bands, that's why we splash out the other's Poison not often and only in tape format for a while. But we can say with confidence that we are the one of the most active Underground labels whose releases can be noticed on the body of this planet. We edited several albums of LUTOMYSL, CORPUS CHRISTII, DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT…, bands which are the strong musically and firm spiritually; bands whose understanding of Black Metal at least doesn't contradict to ours. We'll never edit so-called pagan groups.

  • Wolfs are very present in Lucifugum art, For me they are living symbols of elite predators, solitude warriors, eternal hunters of weaks, What is your reasons to wolfs to be a part of Lucifugum………..?

    Diplomacy is not inherent in LUCIFUGUM, instincts of compressed jaws will prevail even in cases when there will be a risk to be suffocated by other's throat. It is not necessary to search for the weak, the similar will come itself. Insuperable spiritual hunger, follow the own Path - this characterizes us as those who are not in search, but in a way.

  • Corpse paint, blood, pentagrams are part of your visual apperiance, what is your reason for that visual self transformance….? (I asked that because I read too many accusation against bands which using that without good reason)

    You mean that we must have a reason for use of absolutely natural, moreover, extremely necessary in Black Metal attributes? This is the same ridiculous statement as well as that corpse paint, inverted crosses, and "all this satanism" are for teenagers only. Humans refusing today from use of corpse paint didn't become traitors at this moment, since they always were simply humans for whom Black Metal is simply the next style of metal, and all its attributes - no more than simply uniform which can be put on or removed at any moment. We are not going to prove that we have the reasons or rights for use of things which will always be natural for us. And who are the judges here?

  • Any worth band inside of Ukraine which you can recommend………..?

    LUTOMYSL and GROMM - at this moment are the single Black Metal bands that we can mark out.

  • Do you read a lot……..? Which are books that interest you most………? Can you write us did you read some good book recently …………..?

    Now we don't read a lot, since don't have neither time, nor desire of this. And, moreover, we don't drag all this human's crap into Black Metal for the "inspiration". Is presence of other's thoughts and ideas, sitting in your head, really the sign of "deep dedication"??? We don't have idols, the own Ego is not under any influence, by such way, all that created by us is an absolute self-embodiment.

  • This is all from empoisoned this zine with your final words………….

    Always keep your own side.