LUCIFUGUM "Involtation"


Title: "Involtation"
Definition: True Satanic Black Metal
Country Ukraina
Year: 17.11.06 l.t. (not available from 16.04.08 l.t.)
Format: CD, lim. to 1500 graves
Total time: 39:06
Track list:
1. /04:44/
2. /04:35/
3. /04:55/
4. /05:19/
5. /04:52/
6. /04:29/
7. /04:46/
8. /05:24/

The most hated band in kindergroud and among venal whore mass media.

LUCIFUGUMThis is 12th Poison from the band which cultivates the Supremacy of Black Force only, and whose arrogant position and spiritual terror activity is very offensive for the so-called Black Metal scene full of wormy human instincts. Think twice before you empty this cup of Tyranny, Fanatism, Frenetic Aggression and Satanic Arrogance.
Don't touch if not sure!

LUCIFUGUM is the Black Force of two Unhumans:
Khlyst - Anticreation/Black Propaganda
Stabaath - Infernal Invocations/Fanatic Attack with Diabolic Veins



In full isolation from nowadays "black metal scene", no "official web site", no gayspace, no hobby side-projects, no chatter at forums, without cover songs and other human shit.
Only concentration on own Egoistic Black Art.