FORGOT "Burning Down"


Title: "Burning Down"
Definition: Misanthropic Black Metal
Country Russia
Year: 27.11.06 l.t. (not available from 31.10.07 l.t.)
Format: CD, lim. to 1000, 12 pages booklet
Total time: 44:00
Track list:
1. Again /06:17/
2. All will disappear /03:29/
3. Burning Down /04:01/
4. Forgot /04:11/
5. My star /03:51/
6. Misanthropy /05:20/
7. Nuclear Winds/05:44/
8. The Standard /08:41/

"One of the oldest Russian Black Metal formations, but very different from all this snotty paganism and patriotic shit inherent in those territories. The really talented project…
The dimension not for everyone… An emptiness where the agony of life devours the melancholy of existence.
Label description